Couple Falls In Love Right Away, But Then Grandma Realizes Something And Pulls Out A Newspaper Clipping

This couple has a lot more in common than they first thought!

God wants us to get married so that we can lead happy and joyful lives till the end of time. When we get married in front of God, he blesses the marriage with prosperity and longevity. We must be grateful to God as he made sure that everyone has a soul mate on this exquisite planet. Thanks to the efforts of God, marriages are truly made in heaven.

Did you know that you share your birthday with at least 19 million people from all over the world? While it is hard to imagine 19 million people, imagine what a party it would be if all of them decided to celebrate their birthday together.

When we meet people with the same birthdays, we tend to form a special bond with them. Just like everyone else, Aaron and Jessica Bairos started bonding over the fact that they share the same birthday.

However, that isn’t the end of coincidences between the lovely duo. They were born on the same day, but only two hours apart. On top of that, they were born in the same hospital in Massachusetts. If you think the coincidences end there, boy are you mistaken. Aaron’s mother remembers saying hi to Jessica’s mom.

That isn’t the end of coincidences because there is another one in store. Jessica’s grandmother had saved a newspaper clipping which had the announcement of her birth on 28th April 1990. Guess who’s name was below Jessica’s? Well, it was none other than Aaron Bairos.

Talk about a marriage that was conceived and made in heaven!

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