A Colorado woman accused of killing her husband with an axe in April presented an unusual defense this morning during her trial, claiming the 57-year old man was killed in a fight with a sasquatch.

51-year old Lauren McConnell from Denver is accused of slaughtering her spouse, Brian McConnell. According to the prosecution, she attacked him by surprise while he was mowing the lawn and hit him 47 times with a splitting axe.

During her testimony this morning, Ms. McDonnell presented a very different version of the events, claiming her husband was “attacked by a ten-foot-tall hairy ape, probably a sasquatch” and she had unsuccessfully tried to defend him.

“It looked like a gigantic gorilla, but with long brown hair. It must have weighed a tonne and had claws like razors.”

Assuming her own legal defense, she argued that investigators’ own biases against the existence of the sasquatch misled them into accusing her.

“The investigators simply discarded the testimony of the sole witness of the events and never even investigated the lead because of their personal convictions that sasquatch doesn’t exist.”

Confronted during her counterinterrogation with the fact that her husband’s blood was found on a splitting axe in her garage, she claimed she used it to defend her husband it was “sasquatch blood and evidence that her version was true”.

She then accused the police of falsifying the evidence to prove her guilt and deny any evidence of the existence of the sasquatch.

William Smith, a division chief with the Denver Police, Department (DPD), defended the investigators’ work in a brief press conference this morning, saying they investigated every credible lead before accusing Ms. McConnell

The 51-year old woman is accused of first-degree murder and faces a sentence of life in prison if found guilty.

Both parties have presented their evidence and a quick ruling is to be expected considering the unusual defense of the accused.

It is only the seventh time in Colorado history that a sasquatch is used as a defense, and it worked only once, in 1903.


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