Clever Raccoon Knocks On A Glass Door With A Rock When The Cat Food Bowl Is Empty

A family of raccoons has been visiting the yard of one woman for years, and one of them even knocks on the glass door with a rock between the paws when the food bowl is empty

Living in touch with nature has its numerous benefits, and I bet one of the best aspects of it is the companionship with animals!

Can you imagine being the host of a group of raccoons that tend to visit your yard every night? Who wouldn’t welcome these adorable friends to their home?

One lady, Zoosie, has been this lucky, and she occasionally posts videos on her YouTube channel of the raccoons who live in her neighborhood and come to eat her cat food.

She explains that the same family of raccoons has lived in her yard for years, and she is very happy to have them because they are very friendly and charming.

Moreover, her dog enjoys these nightly visits as well. Every night, the raccoons come and look in through the glass door, and her little dog, Rascal, plays with them through the door!

Zoosie named one of the raccoons “Rocksy”, and she is exceptionally clever. She is a regular visitor at the house and she even manages to get more food. She picks a rock between her paws when the cat food bowl is empty, and knocks on the glass door with it!

Zoosie explains that she is just a mother foraging for her babies:

“Just because you see a raccoon out in the day, it does not mean it has rabies, that is such a myth. Usually, it’s a nursing mother who is trying to get food for her babies. They stay in the den at night so the predators don’t get their babies. But in the day they go foraging for food and steal cat food.”


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