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Chronicling The Apocalypse! Alex Jones Issues Desperate Warning! – Must Video 

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Alex Jones breaks down the fall of humanity in real time.

Some of the evil that will arise after humans become desperate will spill over to those 1%. This is what the elite, in their false sense of security and power, simply cannot see. The veil of selfish entitlement does not let them. Man, it’s gonna be so horrific but occasionally we’ll hear about cannibalistic hordes getting to one of them and for a short time it’s gonna be wonderful again. Humanity is about to enter the dark ages from which it will never get out of again. There are simply no resources left to reach and sustain current day civilization. On the upside, libtard wokeisam will go extinct in extremely violent way.

This is my FAV trusted source ^^^^💪💪
All source links to the report can be found on the TELEGRAM:

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