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Charlie Ward: Need to Know Vital Intel: QFS, White Hats Military, And More!!

Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!

IITM:  The search for truth often brings us outside ourselves… we look to people like Charlie Ward to guide us, especially when it comes to hidden truths… hard-to-understand truths… hard-to-process truths… unlikely truths… and so forth.  

While Charlie may not have a perfect record for predicting things who does, and does it matter? If you believe things based on someone else’s track record, are you really in touch with the truth?

Is there a QFS, is there a NESARA, is there a whitehat military, is the light winning?

Humanity seeks answers and direction now more than ever… it’s important to keep opening our hearts to perceive truth.  Without heart, your mind is like a dog chasing a car bumper… that it will NEVER catch!

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