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Cardi GOES OFF on Offset for getting mistress PREGNANT || Forces her to get an AB0RTION

Cardi GOES OFF on Offset for getting mistress PREGNANT || Forces her to get an AB0RTION





According to multiple sources, including social media posts from those close to the situation, Offset has allegedly impregnated a woman referred to as “Pre.” The drama came to light after Pre’s best friend, Blue, revealed the details of the secret relationship and subsequent pregnancy termination on social media.

Blue accused Pre of leaking her house address online, prompting her to retaliate by spilling all the tea about Pre’s affair with Offset. She claimed that Offset convinced Pre to terminate her pregnancy in exchange for a sum of money. Blue posted several screenshots of their conversations and a wire transfer of $15,000 from Offset as hush money.

Cardi B, who is reportedly pregnant with her third child, has remained publicly silent about the latest allegations. However, insiders suggest that she is deeply hurt and embarrassed by the situation. This isn’t the first time Offset’s infidelities have come to light, and Cardi has previously spoken out about the emotional toll his actions have taken on her.

Despite the ongoing betrayals, Cardi B has chosen to stay in the marriage, much to the surprise and dismay of her fans. Many have expressed their concern for her well-being and criticized Offset for his continuous disrespect.

The scandal escalated when Blue took to Instagram to expose more details about Offset and Pre’s relationship. She shared screenshots of direct messages between herself and Offset, where he accused her of leaking information to Cardi. Blue also posted evidence of Offset paying her to keep quiet about the affair.

Additionally, Blue claimed that Offset had paid King Von’s younger sister, Kayla, to confront her at a club, further intensifying the drama. This revelation has added another layer of complexity to an already messy situation.

As the story continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how Cardi B will navigate this tumultuous period. Will she finally decide to leave Offset, or will she continue to stand by his side despite the repeated betrayals? For now, fans and onlookers alike are left speculating about the future of their relationship.


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