California College Student Went Missing After Being Fired From Her Job.

The Californian authority are looking for a 19-years-old woman who suddenly dissapeared after getting fired from her job in Sacramento.

According to the Dateline, Veta Belford is missing since October 17. The day she went missing was the day her father dropped her at work in Home Depot around 2 p.m., while her mother went back to the store to pick her up around 11:30 p.m.

Easter Kitiona, Vita’s sister, informed the Dateline that, “My mother had texted and said she was waiting in the car outside.” She further added, “She waited for a little bit, but when my sister still hadn’t come out a few minutes before midnight, she went to find out.”

The report says that Veta vanished from the store in the afternoon after she discovered that she was fired.

Easter said, “What we don’t understand is why she didn’t call someone for a ride.”

She further continued, “She just walked out of the parking lot and that was it. We don’t know where she would go or who she would meet. It doesn’t make sense.”

Veta can be identified as 5 feet 4 inches tall, with brown eyes and black hairs. She weighs around 215 pounds. When last spotted, she wore a brownish striped shirt, along with denim and crossbody bag. She also had a rainbow ring.

Easter is seeking the help of social media to find Veta.

Easter said, “Hopefully someone has seen her and contacts us.” She further added, “Any information would help – we just need to know that our sister is okay.”

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