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All source links to the report can be found on the TELEGRAM:

There were several assassinations attempts made on President Donald Trump the past couple of weeks

President Donald Trump is save and currently at the Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station near Colorado Springs

Cabal did shoot Trump and was revived

ET technology can revive a so-called dead person.

In future, you will not see Donald Trump in public. He will have his clones or actors for the job, or virtual events.
Queen ā€˜s Death
It is coming soon which then triggers a lot of chain events. Remember the Queen has already died and this one is a movie. The Queenā€™s official death will release Gesara/Nesara world-wide.

Markets will be crashing down soon. It will be like everything is falling apart, but it has to be in order to be put together again for a New World.

When you hear Trump had died and that he had died of cancer..Kim Groguen etc

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