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Boom! We Have Their Nanotech Genocidal Beast Plan! – Hope & Tivon – Must Video

This is one of the most important broadcasts of the year. Researchers Hope & Tivon have uncovered that documents which expose the entire New World Order nanotech genocidal beast system plan. Here are the facts, spread them far and wide.

– UN and WEF Using LEO Satellites to Link Digital ID to Bank Accounts
– No One Was Told They Were Being Injected With Electromagnetic Devices
– Quantum Dot Technology in the Injections is What Enables EMF Communication and Blue Tooth Codes From Human Bodies
– Nanotech is Programmed to Manipulate The Electrical Balance In Your Body
– Shocking new Tests Showing Hydrogel Programmable Plastic In Vaccinated Blood
– Finally Explained: White Fibrous Structures Pulled out of Vaccinated Deceased
– How They Hook Up Human Bodies to the Internet Using 6G,7G Terahertz and Graphene Nanotech in the Covid Injections
– Internet of Nano Things, Internet of Bio-Nano Things, Internet of Space Things

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