Be Made New

Be made new in the attitude of your minds.
Ephesians 4:23

You can’t deny the power that someone else’s genuinely positive attitude can have on you. It can be a coworker, family member, friend from church, or even a stranger, but if they exude joy and confidence in the Lord, it’s contagious.

Nonetheless, it can be frustrating when we’re struggling through a hard day. If only we had a switch to flip that would change our attitude instantly. While it’s not usually that quick and simple, we can still train our minds to filter our thoughts on God’s truth. When we focus on God’s character and the power of his Word, we directly influence our attitude and subsequently our feelings.

Just as it takes twenty minutes for our brains to receive the message from our stomachs that we’re full, it may take a little while between the digestion of truth and our sense of satisfaction. But it will come if we keep up a steady diet of prayer, Bible study, and service to others.

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Pray: “Lord, draw my attention to the power of your truth today. Allow me to discern the one truth from your Word that I need to keep before me.”

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