Art Teacher In Trouble With The Law After Details Of Sext Scandal Leaked

A former Louisville, Kentucky teacher named Ryal Micca Watts Gordon is in serious trouble with the law and has been accused of “attempted sodomy” after she tried to conceal the tryst from law enforcement.

She has been accused of alleged sex abuse of a 13 year old boy who happened to be her student and also sent him explicit photos of herself to the teen, suggest the reports.

The 36 year old was naked from her position as an art teacher in Louisville’s W.E.B. DuBois Academy last November after the word got out regarding her sexually inappropriate communiqués with the boy.

Instead, she had been placed in a non- institutional position in the school while she was being investigated.

On Tuesday, the married teacher according to what appears to be her website, was finally indicted and was charged with 15 charges related to sexting the boy and also molesting him. She also turned herself in but intends to plead not guilty on the charges according to her attorney.

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