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Arizona: Let’s See How The Ballots Are Rolling Along!

Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!

First clue.

Arizona’s election system is run by Secretary of State Katie Hobbs. One of the candidates.

Let’s see how things are rolling in Arizona. As I write this which is last evening there were 400,000 ballots yet to be counted.

Let’s check in on Arizona which has taken 4.5 hours to count less than 2000 votes. And has had 66% reporting all day.


I noticed the same thing while watching this today. Once the margin got really close and Lake was on a trajectory to take the lead, suddenly the votes stopped


Counting completely still in numbers for FOUR HOURS. I’ve never seen this. We’re getting updates, a few hundred votes at a time but still currently at 66% (2:24pm local)


Governor DeSantis had the Sanibel causeway rebuilt after Ian in less time than it took Arizona to count to thousand votes today.

I wonder what they are waiting for?


A highlight of yesterday’s presser. Biden at full speed. Remind you of anyone?

John Fetterman for President! MSNBC thinks so.


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