After Texas Woman Beats Coronavirus, She Gives Birth To Healthy Triplets

A pregnant Texas woman beat the coronavirus, then she delivered healthy triplets just weeks later.

“As a mom, you want control, but right now, you have to accept that you don’t have control of everything,” said the mother in a Facebook post.

Maggie, the triplets mother, learned she was COVID-19 positive after a routine check-up on May 8 when she was 28 weeks pregnant according to the Women’s Hospital of Texas where she delivered her triplets.

Due to normal protocol, Maggie was given a test for the virus and learned just two days later on Mother’s Day, that she was positive for the virus. This information was revealed in the hospital instagram post.

The instagram post also included a photo of the beaming mom holding her babies.

“Meet the #firecracker who beat #COVID19 during her 3rd trimester then delivered healthy #triplets with an attitude brighter than fireworks on the #FourthofJuly,” the hospital wrote next to the photo.

When she was diagnosed Maggie was concerned about “everyone but herself,” the hospital said. Maggie also has a 5-year-old son with her husband.

“On June 4 … with the final two [tests] negative, Maggie learned during her weekly ultrasound that “Baby A’s” cord was wrapped around her neck, and she would have a C-section that day at 4 p.m.,” the hospital posted on instagram.

Maggie’s husband wasn’t allowed to be with her in the delivery room because he’d also previously tested positive for the virus, and while cleared in one follow-up test, he “hadn’t received his second negative test,” so her mother was her “one support person during labor,” the hospital stated.

“At 4:51 p.m., “Baby A,” Isabella, was born at 3.11 lbs. At 4:53 p.m., “Baby B,” Nathaniel, was born at 3.7 lbs. Finally, at 4:55 p.m., “Baby C,” Adriel, was born at 2.1 lbs. ” said the hospital.

“The doctors and nurses were amazed by how well Maggie did. She and her babies, who arrived in perfect ABC order, were healthy, safe and undeniably resilient.”

Maggie sent a message to other mothers on the hospital’s Facebook page, “You have to let other people help you and remember you aren’t alone. Look forward to each day and celebrate every small victory.”

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Meet the #firecracker who beat COVID19 during her 3rd trimester then delivered healthy triplets with an attitude brighter than fireworks on the #FourthofJuly. On May 8, at 28 weeks pregnant, Maggie arrived for her scheduled admission so she and her babies could be monitored in the APU. When she presented, she received a COVID test, which is now standard to safeguard patients and those who provide care. 48 hours later, on Mother’s Day, Maggie’s care team arrived in her room in full PPE to report her test results: She was positive for COVID-19. Maggie’s main concern was everyone but herself. She worried about the health of the triplets, her husband and their 5 year old son, as well as the nurses and physicians caring for her. During her weeks in APU, Maggie spent a lot of time FaceTiming with her family, including her husband who was also COVID-positive, and bonding with her nurses. Maggie shared that not only did her nurses learn her routine and anticipate her needs, but they would sit with her for an hour at a time, sweating under their PPE, just to keep her company. On June 4, after 5 COVID tests, with the final 2 negative, Maggie learned that “Baby A’s” cord was wrapped around her neck, and she would have a C-section that day at 4 pm. Because her husband hadn’t received his 2nd negative test, she received support from her nurses and family virtually. Maggie remembers that at exactly 3:59 pm, her father called to pray with her, and when it was time for her epidural, a nurse hugged her tightly until it was complete. “Baby A,” Isabella, “Baby B,” Nathaniel, and “Baby C,” Adriel were born 2 minutes apart. Everyone was amazed by how well Maggie did. She and her babies, born at 32 weeks, were healthy, safe and undeniably resilient. 1 month later, Isabella, Nathaniel and Adriel are growing bigger and healthier by the day in the Level II #NICU. Maggie shared that while it is hard to not have the babies home, she’s OK because she knows they are receiving the best possible care from a specialized team dedicated to their health and keeping them safe during the pandemic. Read the full story and Maggie’s advice to moms expecting during COVID on our Facebook page.

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