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A 13-Year-Old Feel From His High Rise Apartment, Police Say It Might Be A Suicide, After Getting ‘Cryptic’ Computer Messages

A 13-year-old boy died after allegedly falling from a high-rise terrace. Reports say that he plunged to his death from the balcony of their high-rise apartment located in Midtown, Manhattan on Monday.

The boy, who is identified as Matthew Pierre was said to fall down from the balcony of his family’s home located in Manhattan Plaza.

It’s been said that at last, before falling off from the balcony the kid was seen completing his school assignments. Police say that they have immediately started the investigation and have found ‘cryptic writings’ written and left on the computer table by Matthew Pierre. This leads them to think that Matthew has taken up his life by himself, however, till the investigators are investigating what made the boy take such a step.

The news regarding Matthew’s death came out after his mother, Jean Snead Pierre who is the founder of an after-school and summer educational program shared about her tragic loss on her Instagram post.

For now, the investigation is going on and will take some time to get a conclusion. We will be updating you as soon as something new about the case pops-in, until that, stay tuned to our site to get further updates in the future.

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