18 Year Old Girl Dies While Scuba Diving At Glacier National Park

An 18-year-old Missoula girl has died during a scuba diving accident in Glacier park, park officials said Monday. Rangers skilled a report of an accident at Lake McDonald just before 6 p.m. on Sunday.

The woman died at the scene. Her name hasn’t been released.

The incident is under investigation and officials haven’t released any information about the cause or nature of the accident.

A group of six people had been diving, park officials said during a news release. A 22-year-old doctor was flown to a Seattle hospital for hyperbaric treatment, which is usually used for aeroembolism which will be caused by surfacing too quickly.

Bystanders drove to Apgar Village for cell signal to call 911 and therefore the A.L.E.R.T. helicopter was first on the scene, about half-hour after the initial call, CBS affiliate KXLH-TV reports.

Lake McDonald, which is on the side of the park, is popular among skin diving groups due to its submerged artifacts, park officials said.

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