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I’m living in a episode of the twilight zone that doesn’t end!

I watched an independent reporter seemed to be speaking Russian posted a nuclear brigade flying through a city earlier today. However, you can never be sure when and where these recordings come from. Thanks so much.

The underwater weapon you are referring to is called the “Poseidon”

I have been watching 3 separate YouTube channels from Russian citizens, and they are not experiencing any of the hardships we are facing in the west. The comment sections are filled with people from other countries offering to help get them out..why on earth would they leave?

Oh my goodness amen thank you I thought for a moment I was being overbolic or whatever my family likes to call me because apparently these are not the things that are happening. I keep telling them that Russians just depleting their old stockpile and they want us to think they’re weak because when they strike they’re going to strike hard and it’s going to hurt like a viper or bear hitting us over the head. Sorry I’ve been worried I live on the West Coast honestly I think if he wanted to send a serious message he would definitely destroy Washington before Washington State LOL I’m pretty sure he’s not going to fall for that one. And not hit us here in Washington State we’re a bunch of tree huggers easy control I hope they don’t bomb us!

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