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Will Newly Released Information Do Fauci In? – Truth & Art TV (Must Video)

Fauci is a Jesuit Coadjutor, a short-robed Jesuit, a Change Agent, and the highest paid federal government employee, $437.00 annual.

The FBI & the DOJ were behind Jan6th ! Witnesses saw people go in the DOJ and those same people came out of the DOJ dressed as TRUMP supporters ! Infiltrated from within !  Redpill78 had a witness on his show who saw this  ! Whistleblower also told us the head of the national guard in Washington

Rand paul got attacked by a neighbour because he believed all the thousands of lies Democrats and the MSM put out in the news. Paul lost a portion of his lung because of that attack.  Then the Democrats sent an Antifa and BLM hit squad to attack him and his wife on his way back out from a Trump!

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