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Why Globalists Refuse to Warn Humanity About An Extinction-Level Event! – Mike Adams Must Video

We don’t have a virus problem we have a cabal problem. The criminally insane psychopaths are purposely sterilizing, harming and killing anyone stupid enough to take the toxic injection. That is made up of over 99.9% graphene oxide plus other very toxic ingredients. Plus they are already talking about another injection and you can bet your life they are going to keep poisoning the people as long as the sheep put up with it.

That’s the most common question. Would of thought that a no brainer. Yep their slaves would abandon ship on them instantly. Either way whether it does or doesn’t there’s still a silent war going on people ought to be preparing for to help themselves. 

Don’t get the JAB unless you like Graphene Oxide & Spike Proteins in your bloodstream. Refer to Dr. David Martin, Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Jane Ruby’s research on the MRNA Vaccine. It’s not a Vaccine, it’s an experimental injection. Spike Proteins are on the U.S. Governments list of Bio-Warfare items, in other words the SPIKE PROTEINS are Chemical Warfare Agents.  Thank God we have the 2nd Amendment in America!

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