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What’s In These Jabs & What Can They Do? (The Evidence Will Flabbergast You) (Video)

here are now thousands of people dying from these experimental vaccines an yet the masses keep going back for more. In this video presents evidence that shows just what is in these jabs and what the long term consequences could be.

Please share this with family and friends. Try to talk those who are wanting to get the jab NOT TO DO IT.

Exhibit A, B & C: Evience assembled all of the scientific evidence I can find from micrographs, experimentation and scientific analysis by scientists, doctors and bio staticians from Germany, Amsterdam, America and Spain

Exhibit D: Is a real world analysis on the post – vaccine magnetic phenomenon, literally thousands of videos posted online showing evidence of magnetism on the body, after the vaccine.

Exhibit E (UNDISPUTED DISCOVERY) In JAPAN: We go through what the government said about millions of vaccines being contaminated with magnetic material

Exhibit F: This exposes the Australian health ministers involvement with Graphene Oxide, how he funded research at his bothers lab to be conducted — which involved controlling a mouses brain with graphene oxide.

Exhibit G: This one concludes everything, it’s my favorite exhibit — it was found that the Rockefeller patents for this technology – which involves controlling consciousness via graphene oxide / radio waves.

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