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What If Biden Is Removed From Office?!? – Dr. Steve Turley – (Must Video)

The entire administration needs to be tried for treason. Biden did not win. The CCP and Dominion manufactured the outcome. They are illegitimate. 1776 is here.

I thought removing Biden from office was always he plan? 

So it is between bumblling Biden or the countries most hated Kamala? They have painted themselves into a corner but the Biden camp won’t let Kamala take his place as they can’t control her like old tapioca brain. 2022 hopefully will be jail time for the evil Demoncraps. Democrats kill each other, two wrongs don’t make a right but when bad eats bad is it bad? 

The people behind the scenes are pure evil,this is cruel to let this man go on like this ,there disgusting Inc his wife!

So technically every Executive Order he put in place would be null and void!

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