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We’ve Been Watching a Movie…

Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!


We’ve Been Watching a Movie…

And this is what happens when people free themselves:

They couldn’t go to the pool, so the people met and swam in the ocean and lakes, and built saunas together.

They couldn’t go to restaurants so the people had dinner parties and potlucks.

They couldn’t go to clubs so the people had epic dance parties.

They couldn’t go to the gym so the people ran up mountains, lifted rocks, chopped firewood, trained in each others’ garages.

They couldn’t go to grocery stores so they gathered wild herbs and farmed.

They couldn’t go to sports events so they created their own.

They were told they couldn’t travel but found ways.

They lost their jobs so they created and found new ones that were more aligned with their values.

They lost friends and family but found newer, greater true connections-and built community.

Everything that’s happening is totally insane, and inhumane.

But they never felt oppressed.

In fact, freer than ever.

What we build now is the future.

I wouldn’t miss this era for anything.

The Sovereign awaken.

Note to Readers:
I hope all of you understand or are beginning to understand what has been going on since Trump and Melania took that escalator ride in NYC years ago.

We… primarily the White Hat military alliance AND the infamous but courageous patriot Anons, digital warriors, have been taking back the planet from the nefarious infiltration of the Deep State cabal.

You don’t have to believe me, or anything shared on this blog. If you have an issue with it, go elsewhere.

There is “Q” and there are Anons; there is no QAnon… that was Mockingbird media disinformation.

Eventually, the world, the entire planet… or those who are connected electronically, will know that the dark has been uncovered, drawn into the Light, and thankfully removed. Then, it will be up to those still surviving to rebuild our cultures, reestablish our moral code, and treasure our children and loved ones.

If we have learned anything out of this fight, is that Earth humans are amazing, powerful, infinite Beings of Light. Our evolution was suppressed for a time, but we are emerging like fierce Light warriors and asute compassionate Teachers, ready to take on whatever challenges present themselves.

And many of us know we are not alone. Our galactic Guardians, the Seeders, and many other benevolent Councils and organizations are watching us as we step out of the darkness and into the Light.

The planet is ascending. We are ascending. Our consciousness will change to reflect the environment in which we now find ourselves. Relieved of pain, suffering, and trauma, we will heal as individuals and as a collective.

Only balanced individuals will be able to continue onward and upward, but all are invited.

Our galactic cousins and neighbors await our arrival as a fully-fledged galactic culture. It will emerge faster than you might think as you gaze at your television set… Turn it off and walk in Nature.

Some of us will head to space and expansion of what is possible; others will embrace a way of life that nurtures the planet and inner Self. We will have free choice and will honor that of others. Life is an adventure; embrace it.

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