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Vaccines Will Kill Majority of Vaccinated From October to December, 2021! – Must Video

Maybe you got the PLACEBO? Maybe…..but how do you know?
One in Three get the Saline injection. Maybe you’re the lucky one. MAYBE?

The Canadian and American Blood Banks will not permit the Vaccinated to Donate Blood.

If you think I”m Lying …. Give it a try …. then you’ll know the Deadly Mistake you have made.
They may tell you that “you have to wait 2 weeks” or ban you outright. GEEeezzz… Wonder why that is?

Go and get some …let us know what happens.
They were all warned and still lined up like Sheep.

This FALL, 2021, will be unlike any other FALL season.
The world’s top doctors and scientists are telling you that your vaccinated family members will begin dropping like flies this FALL.
So prepare yourself.


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