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From JSF: “Jim, I read your revised timeline. Is it possible that mister concealed carry actually killed the patsy? And then government agents actually carried out operation. My response: Sure. that is probably what actually happened. Which is why the two patsies don’t line up, – why we have trans boy with hand gun replaced with mister AR.

Revised timeline: After thinking a bit, this is probably what really happened with the “shooting”

The two versions of the story (concealed carry screws it all up in the parking lot, and “he got into the school”) could have both happened. Here’s how.

1. At 11 AM The police and federal officers set up on site and wait for their patsy to arrive, having built the back ground story.

2. At 11:43 AM Patsy arrives, goes according to script, but unexpectedly along with the agents, mister “concealed carry” is there too, and screws it all up.

3. Their “patsy” was either not sufficiently hurt or not hurt at all and the police NAIL mister “concealed carry” and throw him into anonymous detention, where he is rotting now. Perhaps he was the one who got shot also.

4. The school sends out the notice that there’s an active shooter but they have it under control and everyone is safe. That was reported by Fox news, and captures of that are on this page.

5. Whoever was in charge of the op got the order: That is NOT GOOD ENOUGH. The patsy is in their van at this point, getting a “programming update”.

6. The police and federal agents make damn good and sure a back door is open (a total violation but they get it open) so they can re-launch the op.

7. After getting screwed up by “mister concealed carry”, the op is re-launched WAY TOO LATE. Initially it was supposed to happen at 11:30, but by the time they re-launched, the parents are there trying to pick their kids up from school.

8. The parents are held outside by the police and even handcuffed for getting too rambunctious about nothing being done, begging to enter as they hear blanks get fired. Perhaps the bullets were still real (the blanks are a guess) but since the people that launched this op need kids for ceremonies, I doubt they wasted them. During this time, the final story line as presented to the press gets formulated.

9. The parents wait for most of an hour. One manages to get into the school somehow but does not really see a whole lot because it is all…

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