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US Security Council Just Made GRAVE WARNING On LIVE TV!! – Patrick Humphrey Preparedness

Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!

The US national security council has come out with chilling statements and said that the United States is in a very high stakes play with Russia. He was Defending the comments made by Biden about “Nuclear Armageddon”. This would be shtf for the world if a nuclear device was activated. Prepare now for possible wrol ww3 (world war three) as we stray further from peace everyday.

No need for survival gear, bug out bags, living off the grid training, ect. It all won’t matter during a nuclear war. The only person that can save you is Jesus. When it all goes down, we go up ️ Pray for the lost souls to open their hearts & come to Jesus. Bible prophecy is coming true each day. Get saved now before it’s to late. No man or government can save you, only Jesus can. Look up during these trialing times. Be blessed!

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