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Turn Off Your Cell Phone August 11th for Government Emergency Broadcast Test Today? Here’s Why! – Must Video

Tape your front facing camera so photos cannot be taken. Clear masking tape makes it impossible to see through it or you could color it with perm marker, the tape only. Don’t color your camera lens.. lol. Make sure you have boot security turned on too.. this will prevent a reboot without your knowledge. (You’ll know because it won’t boot back up without the code input.) And never use your finger print to lock your phone, always a numeric code. No warrant needed for your finger print..

The government would not be training servicemen for all these drills if they didn’t have future intentions of what they’re planning to do!

I am sure all new phones have backdoors for the 3 letter agencies to use/exploit.

Haven’t been able to find anywhere to opt in or out. However as for me in my house we will be dark from 12pm to 5 pm an praying up. It might not happen tomorrow but it will happen soon. Most exercises end up live with our powers to be responsible. Prep up spiritually mentally and physically. Much love.

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