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Trump To Become King After Being Reinstated First As The 19th President. Major Announcement Expected Today Sept 5

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sun. 5 Sept. 2021

Compiled Sun. 5 Sept. 2021 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author, “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

Trust The Plan

The White Hats Are in Control

DC Getting Ready for a Flood, Sandbags Everywhere.

A Wildlife/Bird Sanctuary it Will Be.

“Nothing Can Stop What’s Coming. Nothing. Together We Win.”…Donald J. Trump

Judy Note: A major announcement is expected sometime Sun. 5 Sept.

Within the next few days when down streaming has reached the lowest beneficiary account level, Tier 4B notifications would start according to Fleming’s Military Intel Contact.

Tier 4B appointments were expected to follow within 12-24 hrs, or by Tues. 7 Sept, or Wed. 8 Sep.

The mighty Alliance used a Quantum Computer to determine the best strategy and timing for RV release. DOE Explains Quantum Computing:

The World Court legal framework for the DoD to have the RV release finished expired on Sun. 12 Sept.

Gene Decode predicted that all Deep State controlled countries and major Deep State players would be arrested worldwide by December 2021.

A. Sat. afternoon 4 Sept. Fleming Report: Our Military Intel Contact confirmed that:

In the next two days when down streaming has reached the lowest beneficiary account level Tier 4B notifications will start.

Tier 4B was expected to follow within 12-24 hrs. and expected to begin Tues. 7 Sep or Wed. 8 Sep.

On Thurs. night 2 Sept. Cabal Mind Control Agents exposed themselves through down streamed QFS tracking bond and Tier 3-4A SKR funds.

The Department of Defense paused the release to allow Interpol & the military to arrest and remove those exposed, and got funds down streaming going again Fri. 3 Sept. and Sat 4 Sept.

The legal framework for the Military expires in less than 7-8 days.

B. 2020 Election Fraud:

Mike Lindell Claims ‘For Sure’ Three More States to Have Audits: ‘I’d like to get all 50 states but I know that’s a dream.’

On Fri. 3 Sept. Steve Bannon talked about the explosive events in Georgia. He said state officials now have videos of 240 leftist militants, whom he called “ballot dealers,” dumping tens of thousands of ballots into letter boxes in the middle of the night across Georgia. “Left-wing militants who carried out numerous raids in the middle of the night have been identified. They were filmed as they lowered their backpacks with ballots into letter boxes. The collection of ballots in Georgia is illegal and this criminal behavior is captured on video.” Catherine Engelbrecht and True The Vote is behind this investigation, and it concerns several states. According to their data, the city administration has developed exact routes for 242 suspected ballot dealers in Georgia and 202 human traffickers in Arizona.

C. Restored Republic, NESARA, GESARA, Whiplash347:

E.O 13848 & E.O 13818 has basically seized the World. Anyone linked in Crimes against Humanity & Foreign Election Interference. G.E.S.A.R.A LAW was signed off at the HAGUE (International Court Of Justice) by all World Leaders. Win by any means necessary. Flipping of 1871 Act of England. Flipping of Balfour Declaration. Capturing of the TITLE 4 FLAG. Global Military Intelligence Operation.

Remember I showed you Saudi Arabia 2017 after the Assassination Attempt on King Salman & POTUS. 35 Saudi Princes Arrested & 300 officials directly after then the Sword Ceremony. This is the most important Flip in history. Gaining The Balance of Power. Was being worked on since 2012 behind the scenes. Flipped in 2017. It applies to the Internet

Three Sides of the TRIANGLE plus Bombing of 13 (top Illuminati) Families in Venice.

SAUDI ARABIA Started happening in 2012. But just after “Las Vegas” failed Assassination Attempt on King Salman & POTUS in 2017.  (35 Saudi Prince’s including [DOPEY Bin Talal]  + 2/300 officials were arrested. 1st Side FLIPPED very early.

ROTHSCHILDS – Central Banks, 1871 Act of England, Balfour Dec. UK Royals, INTEL AGENCIES – CIA, Mossad, Mi5 etc. VATICAN OPERATION DEFENDER EUROPE All of this (2019, 2020, 2021)

SOROS. Well that 5 Foot long GOLD Casket is very interesting.

Does Iran Scenario start with Taliban? Taliban traditionally are to go against Iran. Iran would get annoyed. But we will see. Remember there will be a Flip. USA, Russia, Iran vs UK, Israel, CCP etc. Act Of England 1871 Reversal. Balfour Declaration 1917 Reversal.

Israel Is Last. Zion, Wuhan/BigPharma/3GD Rods Incoming. Paris shooting his Arrow into Achilles. What is the Deep States Achilles Heal? It is the 3GD, The Nuke Reactors protecting Big Pharma, Silk Road Deep State Central Wuhan. Balfour Declaration would be null & void too.

Trump will be reinstated as 19th President. Elect a new VP. [JFK JR] Then something massive will happen. Trump will become KING as Melania is the Queen of Russia. Anastacia Romanov’s Grand Daughter. JFK JR will have a new VP. General Michael Flynn is very possible.

7 Trumpets

7 Presidential Msgs to everyone’s phones on Earth. (Remember E.O 13818) He has seized everything.

7 Kingdoms.

So you also have the Truth on Melania too being a Romanov. Putin passed the Ball to Trump. This only gives you more proof on a MAJOR Bloodline War. Jesus vs Satan. One of Melania’s sides has been doctored up. She is Slovenian/Russian. She is the Grand Daughter of Anastacia Romanov. The Romanov’s were murdered by the Bolshevics. We were all told they were dead. But 3 young Romanov boys were put on a ship bound for the USA in a White Hat operation. They all had their names changed. 1 of them had to change his name 3 times. There is Russian Royalty in the USA when the World believes they all died.

The Rothshild’s Bankers/Globalists financed Hitler, Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao. Jacob Schiff ordered the murder of the Russia Romanov family because they refused to go along with the Bankers plans. The Romanov’s were Christians. The Communists brutally murdered the entire Romanov’s family in order to turn Russia into a Communist Country. We are fighting the same Communists today.

Rothschild reveals crucial role his ancestors played in the Balfour Declaration and creation of Israel. Rothschild said the way the declaration was procured was extraordinary: “It was the most incredible piece of opportunism.”

The Federal Witness Protection Program goes back further than how it is documented. White Hats & Black Hats have been carrying out these Operations a lot longer see Operation Paperclip for instance. They have all had to change names and doctor up the lineage. No different from the Russian Romanov family to escape the Bolshevics. No different from Julian Assange.

D. Internet Blackout:

Why America Should Suddenly Prepare For A Billion-Dollar ‘Internet Apocalypse’ Caused By The Sun: Scientists warn of trouble ahead for undersea cables if there’s an unexpected “Solar Superstorm.”

Whiplash347: Remember when Q said how do you get to the King? You disband the Queen. I have said the Queen was dead since Nov/Dec5 2019 and as soon as the death is announced that it it time to STRIKE. This is not checkers. Chess plays. 1871 Act Of England (Reversal)

CODE NAME London Bridge is Down Social media BLACKOUT planned for Queen Elizabeth’s death

CODE NAME Internet Apocalypse reported on many websites and Mainstream Media. Forbes breaks the story to fortune 500 members and ELITES. THEY are building the narrative for BLACKING OUT THE INTERNET. BLAME THE SUN. TRUTH AND REASON Narrative building, think economy, great reset, forensic audit, patriots know the playbook.

E. Andrew Cuomo Military Tribunal – 4th of September 2021 A tribunal date is scheduled for former New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo. The disgraced politician, who resigned amid a plethora of sexual misconduct allegations, will stand before a 3-officer panel beginning on September 20.

Cuomo was taken into custody on August 15 when U.S. Navy Seals stormed his East Hampton domicile in a pre-dawn raid. Cuomo spent two days in a temporary holding facility before being flown to GITMO for processing. He is currently housed at GITMO’s Camp Delta detention block. According to sources familiar with the arrest, Cuomo has been an “unruly” detainee and has often verbally argued with GITMO staff.

“He hardly sleeps, uses bad language at everybody, throws his food trays against the wall and demanding to speak to his brother, Chris. Guards had to gag him because he was spitting on them when they took him from his cell to the shower. He keeps screaming about how his people are going to save him,” a source said.

The U.S. military is holding Cuomo to account for the deaths of at least 32,000 American senior citizens who needlessly perished during the initial wave of the global plandemic. The Office of Military Commissions alleges that Cuomo threatened to withhold state funding from hospitals, nursing homes and hospices unless they attributed non-Covid-19 fatalities to Covid-19. The charges suggest Cuomo ordered these facilities to place living people in mobile, refrigerated morgues and eighteen-wheelers retrofitted into roving crematoriums. FWC will continue to report once his Tribunal has started.

F. 9/11 Explained in 5 Minuets:          

G. The Real News for Sat. 4 Sept:

Solomon: Trump can be reinstated in September on a constitutional matter. A month to be remembered! I got several information from official sources that Freedom Caucus files articles of Impeachment Against Nancy Pelosi. Their end is coming guys.

The United States plans to pay more than 2 thousand dollars to each refugee from Afghanistan. The financial support program, which will be launched in the coming months, is designed to help Afghans find housing, buy food and send their children to school. It is planned to introduce benefits for refugees, including medical insurance.

 International Child Sex Trafficking: Deep State Military Underground Bases across the globe kept the International Child Sex Trafficking, Gun and Drug Running, Organ Harvesting, Human Experiment and Mind Control Rings secrets.

Military underground bases in the United States, World Awakening: In America alone, there are more than 120 deep underground military bases located under most major cities, US air bases, US Navy bases and US Army bases, as well as under FEMA military training camps and DHS control centers. There are also many deep underground military bases under Canada.

Almost all of these bases are located more than 2 miles underground and have a diameter of 10 to 30 miles. They are basically large underground cities connected by high-speed magneto levitation trains that reach speeds of up to 1,500 miles per hour.

There is a lot of hard evidence. The US government, through the NSA, DOD, CIA, DIA, ATF, ONI, US Army, US Marine Corps, FEMA and DHS, has spent more than $ 12 trillion to create a huge hidden infrastructure for the upcoming One World Government and a New World Religion over the past 40 years.

Under the Denver International Airport, for example, there is a military base Deep Underground, which has a diameter of more than 22 miles and descends down 8 levels. It is no coincidence that the CIA moved the headquarters of its internal unit, which is responsible for operations in the United States, from Langley to Denver.

The government was obsessed with the idea of building this airport, despite the fact that in the end the budget was greatly overstated. There were allegations of corruption, constant changes in construction companies and mass dismissals of teams after they built their work site, so that “no” group had any idea what the airport’s plan was.

Inside, you can find Masonic symbols and bizarre images of dead babies, burning cities and women in coffins that make up extensive frescoes. None of them are presented in the section of the airport’s website, which describes in detail the unique works of art throughout the building.

DIA serves as a cover for the huge underground structures built there. There are reports of electronic / magnetic vibrations, from which some people get sick, and others experience headaches. There are several acres of fenced-in areas with barbed wire pointing inward, as if to keep someone / something inside, and small concrete racks resembling mini-cooling towers rise out of nowhere to ventilate the underground levels.

The underground structure has a depth of 88.3 square miles. In fact, this underground base consists of eight cities located on top of each other. These city-sized bases can accommodate millions and millions of people, regardless of whether they are mind-controlled, enslaved soldiers of the World Army of the New World Order, or innocent and enslaved ground dwellers from the cities of America and Canada.

There is a base in Dulce in New Mexico. Dulce is a small town in northern New Mexico, located at an altitude of 7,000 feet in the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation. There is only one large motel and a few shops. This is not a resort town, and there is no active activity in it. But Dulce has a deep, dark secret. The secret is hidden deep under the brush of the Mesa Arculet.

Purpose: research of functions related to the mind, genetic experiments, training in mind control and reprogramming. More than 3,000 video cameras are installed throughout the complex, transmitting information in real time in places with a high level of security (entrances and exits). There are more than 100 secret exits near and around Dulce. Many are around Arculeta Mesa, others south of Lake Dulce and even to the east, like Lindrith. The deep sections of the complex are connected into natural cave systems.

Level 1-garage for street maintenance.

Level 2-garage for trains, minibuses, tunneling machines and disk maintenance.

Level 3-everyone is weighed in the nude, then they get the form of a jumpsuit. A person’s weight is recorded in a computer identification card every day. For a deposit of more than three dollars, a medical examination and an X-ray are required.

Level 4-Human research in the “paranormal” areas – mental telepathy, mind control, hypnosis, remote observation, astral travel.

The technology, obviously, is here so that you can learn how to manipulate the “bioplasmic body”. Development of a laser weapon that can remotely cause burns and discomfort to the target. They can lower your heartbeat with the help of” delta waves ” of deep sleep, cause a static discharge, and then reprogram through the brain-computer connection.

Level 5-security is severe. Armed guards are constantly patrolling, and in addition to the weight-sensitive areas, there are stations for taking hand and eye prints. There is a device that provides the transfer of atoms.

Level 6 is privately called the “Hall of Nightmares”. There are genetic laboratories here. Experiments conducted on fish, seals, birds and mice that have changed significantly compared to their original form.

The Greenbrier facility in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, under the Greenbriar Resort. The Continuity of Government facility, designed since 196 ( to house the US Congress, codenamed Casper, is located on the territory of the prestigious Greenbrier resort.

The bunker is located under the wing of West Virginia, which houses a full-fledged medical clinic. The construction of the facility, which began in 1959, required 2.5 years and 50,000 tons of concrete. The reinforced concrete walls of the bunker, which is 20 feet underground, are 2 feet thick.

The room includes separate rooms for the House of Representatives and the Senate, as well as a more spacious room for joint meetings. They are located in the” Exhibition Hall “of the West Virginia wing, where there are car and pedestrian entrances that can be quickly closed with anti-explosion doors. They don’t even hide it, and this is a tourist attraction. The underground storage facility was built for the needs of the hiding Congress – in fact, the hotel is an exact copy of the White House.

In the underground room there is a Senate chamber, a House of Representatives and a massive hall for joint meetings. Although the hotel claims to conduct daily tours of the 112,000-square-meter area, the installation is still at the ready, and the operators are still working undercover at the hotel. The secrecy surrounding the object protected it from both public control and official reassessment.

Most Americans will not believe that the American Holocaust will happen until they see it with their own eyes. Until then, it’s just another weird conspiracy theory for them to laugh at. But there is no laughing matter here. When this happens, it will be too late to stop it.

The US government was secretly involved in creating an army of loyal, brainwashed soldiers of the future. They will have cybernetic implants and microchips, and they will fight anywhere in the world, without questions, with full loyalty, without hesitation and fear.

These soldiers were created at the Brookhaven National Laboratories BNL, National Ordinance Laboratories NOL and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT and secretly transferred to the control and planning of the US Department of Defense and the NSA. Many of these soldiers are stationed at Deep Underground military bases, for example, under the Denver International Airport.

The above examples are only a few underground bases. In fact, there are thousands of them all over the world. All this information was investigated, and it took a lot of effort to correctly compare it. There are many networks of underground trains on a magnetic basis that extend from these complexes and go to other underground bases. All soldiers working at these bases have microchips and are under full psychotronic mind control.

Of the missing “Cardboard Box People” that the FBI placed on milk cartons, some were taken to these underground bases for genetic experiments, microchipping, psychotronic mind control and cybernetic implants for future use as brainwashed soldiers.

Hundreds of thousands of people go missing in America every year. The creation of a total global fascist police state by the Illuminati will happen if we all do not wake up and see what is happening. I find it surprising that so many people around the world refuse to believe that there are millions of UNISF and UNMNTF troops in America. In accordance with the Partnership for Peace program, established by President Bill Clinton in early 1993, thousands of military personnel arrive in America every month.

These fascist criminals are flaunting our friends and leaders, depriving us of democratic rights, which will be replaced by a corporatist and fascist dictatorship if people, and especially Americans, do not wake up now.”

It is widely believed that most of the underground Satanic bases around the world have been cleared, and it has also been repeatedly reported that many of them were flooded as a result of numerous floods around the world.

Those who created cancer and all pandemics are getting closer to being exposed. Dr. Judy Mikowitz is alarmed that despite all her efforts to warn people over the past year and the actions of specialists such as Dr. Luc Montagnier, Dr. Dolores Cahill, Dr. Sherry Tenpenny and many others who predicted this mass murder, it still happened. “100 million Americans have received an injection of a synthetic virus with the most dangerous spike protein, consisting of HIV, XMRV and SARS.”

For more go to

God Calls On The Righteous To Stand With Trump For Earths Final Battle

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