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Trump Tells Allies to Shred Unlawful DOJ Subpoenas

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A defiant President Donald J. Trump on Thursday offered aides, allies, and staffers a verbal suggestion: at once shred any subpoenas served by the FBI or other militarized branches of the department of justice, a Mar-a-Lago source told Real Raw News.

Trump’s proclamation comes days after the feds issued unlawful subpoenas and/or search warrants to 40 of his longtime associates or friends, including My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell, whose vehicle the FBI surrounded after he had just finished a meal at an Arby’s restaurant. In all cases, the FBI unconstitutionally seized cell phones and other electronic devices as part of a broader operation—a witch-hunt—to dissuade Trump from entering the 2024 race while simultaneously waging a war of attrition against his most ardent backers.

President Trump, our source said, is now saying the regime is not a lawful body of governance, and, therefore, its DOJ appendages have no authority to subpoena Trump’s allies, or any American, for that matter. The subpoenas do not carry the weight of the law and are unenforceable, he added.

“This is a cabal, a felonious administration. President Trump wants people to know they don’t have to abide unconstitutional orders,” he went on.

Trump on Thursday evening made a phalanx of phone calls, reaching out to over 100 persons he said might be next on the FBI’s hitlist. He told them that anyone abiding a DOJ subpoena was doing so voluntarily, though likely unwittingly. He excoriated the Biden cartel for its flagrant contempt of the Constitution, saying the weaponized DOJ has no qualms suppressing free speech and violating the 4th Amendment.

“You can do what you want to do, but if you comply with them, you’re acknowledging and legitimizing some very bad people,” Trump reportedly said.

On some phone calls, Trump told a story about how his personal pilot, John Dunkin, had been harassed by the FBI at Dulles International Airport earlier this week. While Trump visited his Virginia golf course, FBI agents cornered Dunkin at an airport restaurant, handed him a subpoena, and demanded he surrender his cell phone. Rather than blindly surrendering his private property, Dunkin phoned Trump for advice. “They’re harassing you, John?” Trump said. “This is outrageous. The country has never seen anything like this. I can’t tell you what to do, John, but if I were you, I’d shred it in their faces.”

And that, our source said, is exactly what Dunkin did, and the FBI, though flustered, left sans Mr. Dunkin’s cell phone.

“That they targeted the president’s pilot shows this isn’t about January 6. They’re going after anyone close to trump, trying to scare them, isolate Trump. Not everyone Trump spoke to was as brazen as John Dunkin. Some, and I’m not naming names, said they were afraid,” our source said.

Some people Trump spoke with, our source added, challenged his notion that the FBI was powerless to prosecute them. They had family to think about, and their careers. They didn’t have military protection, they argued, and wanted absolute assurance that Trump would shield them from Deep State retaliation.

A few bemoaned Trump’s inability to free the dauntless, intrepid patriots whom the DOJ wrongfully imprisoned for visiting the Capitol—the People’s House—on January 6.

If you couldn’t protect them, how can you protect us? was the message. Trump replied that truly patriotic Americans—as opposed to the Antifa activists involved on January 6—would eventually be vindicated and receive full pardons.

“Everything going on with the Biden regime is factitious, Trump wanted them to know. The Deep State is easily provoked—that’s true. Trump wants a cohesive stance against it. The Deep State is empowered by blind compliance. The greater the resistance, the stronger we are,” our source said.

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