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Trump Opens Investigation into Baldwin Shooting

Donald J. Trump has opened and funded an investigation to determine whether Alec Baldwin knowingly and intentionally executed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins after learning that she had begun work on a documentary aimed at exposing a prodigious pedophile ring, said a Mar-a-Lago source under promise of anonymity.

He told RRN that Trump became suspicious of the “accidental shooting” theory shortly after news of the ghastly incident went public, and those suspicions soared to new heights when he personally spoke with two veteran actors who have effusive knowledge of firearm safety protocols on film sets. The two actors were Jim Caviezel and Jon Voight.

Caviezel told Trump that the odds of an actor being handed a weapon loaded with a live round were indescribably remote, adding that he had never handled a “hot weapon” in all his years as a major motion picture star. He emphasized the rigorous safety checks involved in making sure actors are given firearms loaded only with blanks or non-lethal projectiles.

“The odds were one in a billion, sir. Before we grab a firearm on set, that weapon is checked by at least three people—the onset firearms expert, their assistant, and at least one producer or production assistant. They should’ve all checked the damn cylinder. We still don’t know if the other five chambers had blanks or live. And Alec—he’s handled hundreds of guns in his career. A lot doesn’t add up. Gutierrez is young, but that’s no excuse,” Caviezel told Trump.

His statement referred to Hannah Gutierrez, the film’s armorer and the 24-year-old daughter of long-time film industry armorer Thall Reed.

Incidentally, Caviezel is set to star in Sound of Freedom, which focuses on the child sex trade industry. I have seen a test screening and consider it to be among the most accurate representations of this terrible industry. Hollywood has tried to censor the film. This is a film you won’t want to miss, and I’ll have a formal review of this epic closer to the release date.

Jon Voight’s message to Trump echoed Caviezel’s ominous rebuke of an accidental shooting.

“Things like this, Mr. President, they don’t happen for no reason. Alec is bad people—I never liked him. This girl he killed—it’s shameful. Many precautions are taken to prevent events like that from happening. People will say ‘well, it happened to Brandon Lee,’ but I still don’t believe that was an accident. I think, Mr. President, there’s a lot we’re not being told,” Voight said to Trump.

Voight also highlighted a huge hypocrisy in how liberal elitists classify firearms.

“We call them ‘props,’ but they are real guns, firing pins and all. On a set they’re props, but in the hands of the people they suddenly become assault weapons or hi-powered rifles,” Voight added.

Trump’s conversations with the actors reinforced his belief that something sinister was afoot, our source said.

“Trump committed several million dollars of his own money toward learning the truth. He doesn’t trust that New Mexico will actually bring charges against Baldwin, so he hired a private investigative firm to dig deep. It only took a day for them to uncover facts the MSM isn’t reporting,” our source said.

The investigators, he said, interviewed friends, family, and co-workers of Halyna Hutchins, and learned that she had been clandestinely developing a documentary that would have, had she not been killed, centered on exposing a gargantuan pedophile ring in the underbelly of Hollywood, home to the Deep State hegemony.

Halyna’s lifelong friend Shelly Jordan told investigators that Halyna had spent her adult life advocating on behalf of disadvantaged children and kids who had been victimized by sexual predators in the motion picture industry. Jordan said that Hutchins had drafted a list of a dozen high-profile celebrities who had “profited immensely” through the sharing and trading of underage boys and girls.

“She didn’t tell me about the names for my own protection, I guess. She kept it all concealed so no one would find out before it was completed. It was a huge project on which she was moonlighting. She never spoke bad of Alec, but the more I think about what happened, the more I believe she was murdered to stifle her project. I’ve made this info available to CNN and MSNBC, but they won’t touch it,” Jordan told investigators.

The MSM’s refusal to publish her statements has buttressed Trump’s suspicions of foul play.

“Donald Trump is gravely concerned about the children of this country, and he is committed to getting to the bottom of this,” our source said.

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