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Trump Is Q+ Massive Storm Coming! Alice & Wonderland! It Had To Be This Way! Safeguard US Elections! -Video

We are the enemy of Big Tech, Big Money and Big Media!

Together, let’s expose the lies of the enemy. Impart a little truth every day. Especially the Truth that Jesus Christ is Lord!

Satan hates Trump because he knows he is GOD’s anointed political leader to usher in a new age, to expose the evil of child-trafficking, to expose the satanic worship of career politicians.

If it had not been for Q, which is prophesied about in the OT prophets, we wouldn’t have been exposed to the evil going on under that city, in Hollywood, and other corners of the world.

Anyone who hates Trump is part of the devil’s kingdom. ANYONE who calls themselves a Christian who doesn’t understand OT prophecy and how it relates to today, who is obsessed with the rapture, is part of the FALSE condemned corrupt church that GOD is judging now.

He is separating the chaffe from the wheat, the enlightened from the ignorant. Trump is ushering in a new age, one spoken of in Zechariah that most Christians are clueless about, because they have been taught and brainwashed by puppet pastors who are just as clueless as they are. Seminaries are just as corrupt as the incorporated church.

The church system is NO different than the condemned Sanhedrin of Yeshua’s day.

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