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Trump Hitting On All Cylinders! Exposing The Evil Current & Past Leaders In The USA! Pray! – AWK Must Video

There is no plan… it is all a psy-op to have everyone remain complacent while they exterminate us…

There’s your FF, these asshats are going to say that Trump is going to nuke China because he never turned over the football, then they will first strike. We might be screwed more than what was already thought.

After what has happened in California during the recal is the same thing as 2020, just maybe we need a civil war to take out these corrupt politicians and put them out in the desert for the vultures and coyotes to eat but i dont think they eat shit though.

10 percent of the Military budget, How pathetic. Military secrets, sounds alot like Hillary and Obumer. Is Biden being run by VALLERY JERRET like Obama. Controlled by Middle east influence.


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