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TODAY: 6th Night MAYAN Calendar on 9th Level and Coincidentally the Feast of TRUMPETS (video)

Start of the 6 night of the Tun calendar today.

Sept. 6th is the start of the Sixth Night of the Ninth level of the Tun calendar which was discovered by Carl Johan Calleman in 1988.

Five books he wrote on the Tun calendar along with Barbara Hand Clow and Ian Lundgold. I really believe that this is the GREATEST DISCOVERY EVER.

We as humanity are accelerating in being a sovereign co creator and eventually everyone having Unity Consciousness. We are only 20 days away from entering the Seventh day of ALL Nine levels of the Tun calendar.

We started this journey 16.4 billion years ago.

The Nine levels have 13 waves of 7 days and 6 nights.

The first level took 1.28 billion years to go through Each of the 13 waves. The second level it took 64 million years. The third level 3.2 million years. The fourth level 160 thousand years. The fifth level 8,000 years. The Sixth level started 3115 BC and took 395 years. The Seventh level 19.7 years. The Eighth level took 360 days and the Ninth level which started Jan 29 takes 20 days.

Some of the Major events that happened in the Sixth Night. In the Fifth level we had the Fall of Atlantis which was 13,000 years ago and during the time of Noah. We were in the age of Leo and the entering of the bronze age. Great scientific technology was on Atlantis.

We had free energy then and airplanes that ran on what was called the night side of life which I think was monatomic elements. The pyramids were built using the monatomic elements.

These elements were used in levitation technology and laser technology and many other things. But Atlantis fell because of genetic engineering and the misuse of sound and the DNA.

In the Sixth level. The sixth night was from 1360 to 1765. Many powerful people were in this period of time. Columbus, Michaelangelo, Francis Bacon, Rembrandt, Leonardo Davinci and Joan of Arc who was burned at the stake.

There were 25 million people who died in Europe in the 1350’s from the Bubonic Plague – quite a bit for that time with a much lower population. In the early 1700’s there were 100,000 deaths in London during another plague aslo in the sixth night.

From 1450 to 1700 Witches were hunted down and given no due process. Mass hypnosis psychosis Hysteria was the norm. Theocracy and Totalitarianism with a ruling elite that was power hungry took over.

Isolationism with no creativity that killed the mind and spirit with fear and waves of terror. Today we have the puppets of the mainstream media doing this for us. They create confusion and hopelessness and vulnerability. So we’re going through the same thing today that was happening during the witch hunt.

The Seventh level was from 1982 to 2002. And the major event that happened was 9/11. And NOW we are coming up to 9/11 again in the ninth level. Amazing.

The Eighth level was from November 8 2019 to Nov 2 2020. Of course the major event was the Covid 19 virus “plandemic”.

Just know that God is in Control. Breathe and know that this baby is about to be born on October 28 21. In conclusion tyranny like hell is not easily conquered yet we have this consolation with us that the harder the conflict The more glorious the Triumph.

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