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The global power dynamics are shifting, with a growing alliance between Russia and China posing a potential challenge to the West, particularly the United States. The U.S., it seems, is focusing on outdated threats and ignoring the future – Asia.

The current political leadership in the U.S. is failing to recognize the potential threat posed by a Russia-China alliance. If these two nations were to join forces, they would form a formidable bloc with the world’s largest landmass, largest natural gas reserves, largest population, and largest economy. This alliance could potentially control a significant portion of the world’s economy, trade routes, and raw materials, posing a significant challenge to American global hegemony.

The U.S. response to the invasion of Ukraine has inadvertently strengthened the economic ties between Russia and China. As Western companies pulled out of Russia, Chinese companies stepped in, filling the void and further intertwining the two economies. These deepening economic ties could inevitably lead to stronger military ties.

In addition to the geopolitical analysis, there are also concerns about the changing societal norms and taboos in the U.S. The country is witnessing a rapid shift in what is considered acceptable or unacceptable, with these changes often being dictated from above. There is a growing concern over the erosion of the right to self-defense, the cornerstone of all freedoms, in many parts of the country.

The growing acceptance of certain behaviors that were once considered taboo, such as public hypocrisy, flaunting wealth, and stealing, is also a cause for concern. These changes are not happening organically but are being forced upon society, leading to a decline in civil rights.

The U.S. needs to refocus its attention on the emerging threats and challenges of the future, rather than clinging to the past. Failure to do so could result in the U.S. losing its global influence and power.

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