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This is a great video showing in much detail that the current man acting as Joe Biden can’t possibly be him. Did they kill the real Joe Biden and replace him? When did they make the switch? How many people are in on this BS, his wife, his son, several others? Why are the DEMONrats so crooked? Barrack Obama was not eligible for President because he was born in Kenya, Africa and was not a US Citizen. His Hawaii Birth Certificate was forged and then they killed the lady that forged it for the DNC. Also, his so-called wife “Michelle” was actually a transvestite man named Michael, and their so-called two children were borrowed from friends. This man isn’t Joe Biden and thus is not the President, that is besides the fact he also never won the 2020 election since Donald J. Trump easily won with 85 million votes.

The JEWISH GLOBALIST COMMUNIST SATANIC CABAL have plans to bring fourth their New World Order agenda, UN Agenda 21, and UN Agenda 2030. The Democrats, RINOs, & NeoCons are ALL ANTI-AMERICAN GLOBALISTS. They are using the NATO, WEF, UN, EU, and other organizations to turn the Free Range Slaves into 15 minute city & FEMA Prison Camp Slaves. It is easier to slaughter a Sheep when they are corralled up, surveilled, and controlled on a tight leash, you don’t have to go looking for them, and you are their master. Like Klaus Schwab keeps saying, “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy!”

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