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“This Is the Point of No Return!” New David Icke Drops MOABS! “Are Dark Forces Running a ‘Matrix-Style’ Simulation on Us?! A Must See Update!

DUE TO MULTIPLE REQUESTS: From Now On, James Red Pills America Will Have Only ONE SHORT COMMERCIAL During ALL Videos! Thank You In Advance For Supporting This Ministry!

“THIS Is The Point Of NO RETURN!” NEW David Icke Interview: “Are Dark Forces Running A ‘Matrix-style’ Simulation On All Of Us…?!” MUST Update!

Take a WILD RIDE down this rabbit hole, and you’ll ponder the UNSEEN WORLD of our FABRICATED LIVES! This BRAND NEW David Icke Interview features David asking the BURNING QUESTION we ALL have, “Are Dark Forces Running A ‘Matrix-style Simulation’ On Planet Earth’s inhabitants…?! THIS Is The Point Of NO RETURN!”, he loudly exclaims!

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