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This Is Scary! The Truth of What Is Happening Right Now Will Force You to Prepare for What’s Coming! – Full Spectrum Survival Must Video

Rockefeller White Sheet many years ago: 3 reasons intent to get women into workforce – 1) generate more taxation contributions; 2) women in the workforce will have less or no children; working mothers will rely on outside of family childcare so kids will become accustomed to outside care to easier acclimate to government ownership and control of people. 3) easier to take over ownership of children and install non-parental rights over their children.

We don’t have leaders, we have MISLEADERS and they are leading us to disaster.

This video is spot on! Yes, I did the math several years ago, and made changes. Work for yourself, folks. Even the worst day working for yourself is better than your best day feeding some greedy employer.


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