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This Is HUGE! More ABSOLUTE PROOF That QFS & NESARA Have BEGUN! It’s On The US DEBT CLOCK! Urgent SitRep For April 1! Plus Trump Indictment Update, Leftist Lunatics *…

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WHAT MORE PROOF DO YOU NEED THAT THE QFS & NESARA/GESARA HAS ALREADY STARTED? Buckle up for this MIND-BLOWING episode where you’ll see everything you need to know that we are, indeed, EYEBALL DEEP into our new and exciting financial future! Did you know that the BRAND NEW U.S.TREASURY NOTES ARE NOW APPEARING IN THE U.S. DEBT CLOCK?! Well, feast your eyes, Patriots! Is THIS what the brand new U.S. Treasury Notes will look like?! Then, we’ll hone in on those would would rather see our country DESTROYED, than to live in Peace and Harmony! Are they REALLY trying to DESTROY our Nation?! Finally, what’s this about Russia announcing that they’re going to launch a NUCLEAR MISSLE at Belarus?! WTH is going on?! Grab a chair and FIND OUT!

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