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The reason why the authorities are so desperate to make sure every man, woman, and child gets the Covid-19 Vaccine

Have you ever wondered why the authorities are so desperate to make sure every man, woman, and child gets the Covid-19 vaccine? The answer is obvious when you think about it. They can’t have a “control group” of unvaccinated people, because if there is then it will become abundantly clear that the Covid-19 injections don’t work, cause severe injuries, and kill people.

With more doctors, scientists, nurses and health care workers waking up and blowing the whistle every day, the authorities are now in a mass panic to make sure as many people as possible are given the injection before they catch on to the fact that they have been played.

In truth though the game is up in regards to creating the illusion that the injections actually work, and this is where the alleged Covid-19 variants come in to play in order for the authorities to save face and blame the new variants for the current experimental injections inadequacy.

The New York Times ran an article on the 19th August 2021 entitled, “Israel, Once the Model for Beating Covid, Faces New Surge of Infections.”

The article openly admits that the Covid-19 injections given to 2.5 billion people around the world no longer work very well, and that the people who took those vaccines are now the ones getting sick and dying.

From the New York Times article –

One of the most vaccinated societies, Israel now has one of the highest infection rates in the world, raising questions about the vaccine’s efficacy.

A fourth wave of infections is rapidly approaching the levels of Israel’s worst days of the pandemic last winter. The daily rate of confirmed new virus cases has more than doubled in the last two weeks, making Israel a rising hot spot on the international charts.

The vast majority of Israel’s older population had received two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine by the end of February, and by now about 78 percent of the population 12 and older are fully vaccinated.

But some experts fear that Israel’s high rate of infections among early vaccine recipients may indicate a waning of the vaccine’s protections over time, a finding that contributed to a U.S. decision Wednesday to begin offering booster shots to Americans starting next month.

And among the fully inoculated, Israeli scientists have found growing evidence of waning immunity, particularly among the older population who were vaccinated first.

Data published by Israel’s Ministry of Health in late July suggested that the Pfizer shot was just 39 percent effective against preventing infection in the country in late June and early July, compared with 95 percent from January to early April… this scourge primarily took hold in well-vaccinated, middle-class suburbs.

It’s clear to see that the narrative on the Covid-19 injections being the only route back to normal has now collapsed. The same is also happening in the United Kingdom, and the official data seems to show that the Covid-19 injections increase the risk of both hospitalisation and death due to Covid-19 rather than reducing it.

Public Health Scotland data shows that the fully vaccinated account for 73% of alleged Covid-19 deaths and that the fully vaccinated are suffering a five times higher death rate than the unvaccinated. Whilst Public Health England data shows that the fully vaccinated account for 58% of alleged Covid-19 deaths; 68% when you include the partly vaccinated, and are suffering a 3 times higher death rate than the unvaccinated.

This Covid-19 injections are clearly accelerating sickness and death and it’s the middle of summer. Therefore it’s quite possible that the largest wave of hospitalisations and deaths on record could be suffered this coming winter throughout the most vaccinated countries.

But the people of the world do seem to be awakening to the astonishing truth of all this. As the lockdowns intensify, the people are taking to the streets and demanding an end to the dictatorial medical tyranny that has infected the western world. Hundreds of thousands are taking to the streets of France almost daily in opposition to the vaccine passport system imposed by the president Emmanuel Macron.

A system which has seen hypermarkets in France refusing entry to the unvaccinated who want to buy essential food and drink. This will only serve to wake up the people even faster, adding to the levels of discontent that are now exploding across the planet.

Australians have also started to fight back against the ridiculous laws imposed in the name of public health which include a curfew, not being allowed outside unless it is to exercise, the closure of all parks, requiring a permit to leave home and go to work, and the military setting up checkpoints to ensure people do not venture more than 5km from their home.

But when they did fight back they were met with pepper spray and rubber bullets, proving this has nothing to do with public health but everything to do with control.

We seem to have arrived at a tipping point. Humanity is awakening at an accelerating rate, and the authorities know it. Which is why the next few months could quite possibly be the most challenging throughout this entire alleged pandemic.

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