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The most powerful SECRET they don’t want you to realize you already possess

The first 30 minutes of today’s Situation Update podcast (see below) reveals an astonishing, powerful secret that you already possess. I will not describe it here in plain text because that makes it too easily spidered and indexed by the enemy (search engines). This secret is truly the most powerful weapon God gave you to defeat evil and free human civilization from the precipice of destruction.

What’s astonishing about this gift is that it works automatically once you “spark” it. From there, the gift kicks in and ripples across the consciousness of the entire globe (and beyond).

This isn’t New Age stuff, either. It’s 100% God-aligned, cosmic truth that God himself built into the fabric of reality.

He gave you a mind, a soul and consciousness. But you probably don’t realize the true power of those gifts because, for most of us, we have lived our lives in a never-ending stream of suppressionof those gifts. That’s the role of the mainstream media, Hollywood, engineered “emergencies,” professional sports, substance addictions and other distractions. They all suppress your gifts and prevent you from easily, almost effortlessly defeating evil.

The real secret is that you don’t have to “fight” any battles to win the war. You don’t have to convince anybody of anything, and you don’t have to argue. The spark begins the process, then the laws of nature and the cosmos take over from there.

Learn this secret. You already possess it. You were born with it, and no one can take it from you. The secret even works if you are imprisoned or censored.

Demonic entities pervert this gift and twist it around to cast literal spells to try to enslave you and force you to live in fear. The necromancers are Big Media, Big Tech (which also silences your words), Big Government and even Big Pharma, which clouds your mind with psychotropic drugs that disconnect your physical brain from your non-material conscious mind (which is connected to God).

We have all been living under a suppressive grid / matrix that’s run by satanic minions and is ultimately designed to interfere with your connection to God and the divine. Earth truly is a prison planet as long as people remain stuck in this artificial construct. The incredibly good news it that our global defeat of evil requires nothing more than simple choices and the recognition of the power of the tools / weapons that God has already implanted into us from the day we were first conceived.

Every conscious, living being is a powerful weapon against evil, and a powerful force for good. The only way we lose is if we fail to recognize God’s presence in our lives and His gifts for abundance, awakening, love and light.

It’s really so simple. Far simpler than you ever imagined. This fight is already over if we simply recognize this. Satan is powerless against the Infinite God, and God has placed an element of infinite power into your soul… and you have access to it right this very minute.

Listen to the first 30 minutes of today’s podcast to learn about this and how to use it starting right now.

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