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THE DEMOCRATS: I, VIOLENCE – best news here

The Democrats have never shied away from calling for violence. This However should come as no surprise as their history is one of terror and racism. Their Overt attacks on White People may seem new but they are anything but…
This is a Montage of all the REAL calls for Violence. Followed by a Quick History Lesson of the Democrats Racist Past Juxtaposed to an outline of the Democrats Racist Present, ending with their hypocrisies.

This started as a full rebuild of my first ever viral video “The Democratic Party – Walk Away”
I had always wanted to make an HD version, with smoother edits, a better mic and lower Music. Well, I wound up doing all that while also adding more content being that the Democrats are constantly adding to their Hypocricy and Violence. Hope You Enjoy! “The Democrats: I, Violence”

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