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The clowns get exposed again…nothing new to those who know me for years.
One big club becoming very rich
charlie ward over 100 million in 2 years and selling human meat in his McDonalds restaurants cause jesus loves you and with his niece Liz bliss promoted
negative48 a wacko claims he is the new messiah and raking in the money with his HOLEY water.
gene decode.worked for an energy compnay in Colorado and lives in a very wealthy area..real name weinstein who charges $7.00 with his Blessed service ..cause jesus loves you
while the dummies are in love with all the bullshitters who use the word jesus and now their diapers are all bundled up to learn their idols are not what everyone thought they were.
scot mckay…another fake with jesus loves you and they all promote each other with nino rodriquez,michael jaco, mel k, rosanne barr, kerry cassidy and so on and so on.
General Flynn also has been outed to work for THE CABAL who was buddies with Citsnw as she claimed…you need a huge bulldozer for all the bullshit this mickey mouse mouseketeers and jesus loves you club have dished out over the last two years to millions of BLIND SHEEPLE with their heads in the ground
and do not forget the other clowns like THE BITCH BOYS on here in bed with these phonies and getting paid off with MONEY.

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