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Source: NickMyer. The voice of Former British Military Intelligence agent Barrie Trower in this video can be heard whistle blowing on one of many methodologies used for tracking/surveillance and microwave warfare attacks on individuals. In this case it’s a computer system called CELLDAR that is able to track and target individuals via transmitters including those embedded into Street Lights. He divulged this many years ago.

It’s important to note that now we are all surrounded by LED street lights with transmitter nodes built into their designs. Many will know this has been widely highlighted by Mark Steele by his anti 5G activism/campaigns.
The transmitters are housed within most LED Street lights now by default under the guise of remotely controllable “green” technology.

Obviously this is a lie and Mark Steele was and still is 100% correct to warn people about the smart/5G technology in Street lights as Barrie was too, all those years ago and much more recently too. It should be noted that Barrie Trower has in the past fully acknowledged that members of the public/civilians
are routinely targeted and tracked and that includes good activists who care about Humanity and the
health of Humans and our environment.

Barrie Trower has stated that people are also routinely targeted via stand alone microwave radiation DEWs(Directed Energy Weapons/Microwave Weapons) that can be beamed from houses opposite the targets or next door to the targets. Clearly they have many ways of targeting people by stealth and of course ‘Havana Syndrome’ will fit into that basket of methodologies as the cause.

Targeting people covertly or overtly is of course insane and deeply wrong on every front morally and legally
and cowardly in the extreme. Those doing it of course are absolute the enemy of freedom and Humanity.
But the targeting is now it seems, getting wider for the “elite’s” depopulation program. Thus, worth remembering that the Street lights, masts and towers that surround us all, can do very real damage to
a lot of people when those in control of the technology, want it to.

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