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Stew Peters & Dr. Jane Ruby Rips Killer Jab & Mind-Blowing Veritas Whistleblower MOAB! – James Red Pills America (Must Video)

FEAST YOUR EYES AND EARS upon this DELICIOUSLY DELIGHTFUL DOSE of ‘DARE YOU WATCH?!’ as we travel down this BOTTOMLESS RABBIT HOLE, because this is an episode you WILL NOT want to miss, Patriots! For those who require a FULL QUENCHING of the UNCENSORED TRUTH, you’ll be DRENCHED in a veritable GOLD MINE of TRUTH in this GEM! There will be NO DOUBT in your mind that the next phase by the ‘Dark Rulers of This World’ is coming to fruition as you sit and watch this EYE-OPENING expose of EXPOSED REALITIES!

We start the adventure with the Conservative Beast, Stew Peters and Dr. Jane Ruby and they summarily RIP THE EYEBALLS OUT OF THE DEMONIC EVIL-DOERS’ FACES for attempting to subvert the will of ‘We The People’ by FAILING TO DISCOSE the use of ‘MURDERED BABY JUICE’ in the Killer Jabs! On top of that, the Dynamite Duo REVEALS MORE DASTARDLY items DISCOVERED in the ‘TROJAN HORSE DEATH JAB’, items whose DEADLY PAYLOAD is unpacked inside the bloodstream of the IGNORANTLY WILLING RECIPIENTS.

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