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Situation Update: Zhe Great Rezet! WEF Pushing Human Enslavement! America Lost Revolutionary War To Deep State! Dr. Malone & Dr. Cole Vax Dangers Cancer! White Hat Intel! Internet Shutdown! – We The People News

We need to forget about those that are not awake. when they do come into reality we can explain…

The statue, did you read about in The book of Daniel, is getting ready to fall. I would say that probably happens between now and the end of June and definitely by the end of September. That’s the real plan. That’s what you need to go read That’s what Christians need to be talking about and professing. what’s going on biblically with current events. that should be the narrative and the plan to be trusting. Babylon is going to fall. God is going to create an event and intervene and even the mainstream media will have to acknowledge that fact. That’s what’s going on and getting ready to happen!

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