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Situation Update: This Storm Is Upon Us! Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotaged By Biden Admin? Could Trigger WW3 Nuclear Event! Temporary Coup! 28 Counties Designated For Martial Law! Banks Closing! Food Shortages! – Video

Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!

Biden is now officially an international terrorist!

Thank you everyone who took the time.
To leave a comment to my rhyme.
Thank you also who left a vote
You are appreciated and thought of most.

We are all United and completely ready
To keep going forward slow and steady.
All we have prayed for and want so much
Will be given when God has had enough.
I know that most can see it moving
Reguardless of all the disinformation cooling

Never forget, we are still at war
So all of these things are needed more.
Faith in the Plan and faith in each other.
But most of all the faith in your Patriot brothers.
Not one person that I know.
Will ever give up on this first class show.

God Bless these Patriots who keep the Faith.
They will get us through this with God’s grace.
I know some are aggravated and confused.
Smile and think how the enemy feels, crying as they lose.

We are winning and the end is near
God has made that very clear.
Just remember and feel it in your heart.
God has won and the evil’s not that smart.

Because the world is awake and aware.
They have no place to hide and compare.
All of their notes and dirty plans
Now belongs to just one man.

With God’s direction and his plan.
This world is ours, thanks to this man.
Sending Blessings far and wide.
Praying for the children who still cry.
The armor of God is why we All will survive.

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