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Situation Update -The Return: Trump Still & Always Was President! JFK Jr.! NESARA GESARA! MSM Going Down! More DUMBS Blown Up! Stock Market Crash Imminent! – We The People News

There is a silent war that rages within the world today.
We the People who seek justice, often become the prey.
Yet we stand strong and proud keeping the demons away.
For it is not easy for anyone, to each of us we do pray.

Let us not forget all of those who we dearly trusted.
To our dearest military in you we have entrusted.
Please carry out your sworn oath to our Constitution.
In doing so at some point, may we all see some retribution.

The will of Gods people, it does remain strong.
We pray everyday, that nothing will go wrong.
Maybe there will be a day when trolls and we get along.
All that seems so distant, as the silent war rages on.

If I told you two years ago that we are in a silent war.
You’d have said well show me, for I hear nothing more.
So we had to be shown, just what a silent war looks like.
Do you finally see it, Mary shows us in plain sight.

Yet some still disbelieve and call us out for our beliefs.
We no longer care, about those who disbelieve.
We are not here to pacify and tell you what to believe.
So many have died, so many cried, so many ready to leave.

For the children, for our families, for every human to be free.
We must remain stead fast, and keep growing like a tree.
Keep sharing what you know, pollinate just like a bee.
In doing so you find, great wisdom lies within thee.

We are so very weary of this war we are so apart.
Like the jab of a needle, a dart right through our hearts.
Oh dear God in heaven we pray for the silent war to cease.
Let it come to end very soon, so we may all live in peace.

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