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Situation Update, Sep 27, 2023 – An Engineered BANK BAIL-IN RESET Will Wipe Out America’s Middle Class! – Andy Schectman & Robert Kiyosaki – Mike Adams

– How Lebanon’s currency crisis WIPED OUT the entire middle class and impoverished the once-wealthy
– A BANK BAIL-IN RESET is coming to America – a coordinated mass confiscation event
– The bank deposits of tens of millions of Americans will be stolen overnight
– The American masses will find themselves HOMELESS, and unable to afford mortgage payments or rent
– Their homes will be mass confiscated by financial institutions, then HANDED OVER TO ILLEGALS
– The American masses will be REPLACED in their homes, their jobs and their land
– The mass invasion of America is being accelerated to achieve maximum OCCUPATION before the “reset” event
– The #dollar will collapse to near worthlessness, and a “tidal wave” of #inflation will destroy purchasing power
– Social chaos will erupt, allowing the Biden regime to declare #MartialLaw and nullify the US Constitution
– It will all be timed to interfere with or cancel the 2024 election while blaming geopolitical enemies
– The #chaos will be maximized and weaponized by the regime to unleash full-blown #communism across what remains of America
– How to survive the chaos by preserving wealth with REAL ASSETS and self-custody
– Full interview with Andy Schectman
– Full interview with Robert Kiyosaki

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