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Whatever hit me last Thursday has moved to my throat and has temporarily wrecked my voice. I won’t be able to record any Situation Updates or interviews for at least a week, possibly two. I don’t think this is omicron, delta or any regular strain of covid, because for the last two years, I have repeatedly been around very sick people, in some cases taking care of them. Yet I never “caught” anything and never showed any symptoms at all. I strongly suspect this is a NEW strain, or I was hit with a toxic nanoparticle attack like what happened to Steve Quayle. Steve nearly died from that attack but thankfully made it through. I have found that ivermectin knocks this thing out very effectively, so I’m on 15 mg of ivermectin daily right now, and that has allowed me to mostly beat this back, allowing me to operate with 100% cognitive capacity. If it weren’t for my voice getting wrecked, I would be recording the podcast as usual, but the voice box infection is going to take some time to heal.


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