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Situation Update, Oct 21, 2022 – CDC = Child Death Cult, Nationwide Child Sacrifice Ritual Announced As “Immunization! – Mike Adams Must Video 

Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!

– CDC declares war on children with covid-19 “vaccine” schedule
– Schools can now MANDATE covid-19 vaccines for all children
– Total legal liability for vax manufacturers
– Children will now be injured or KILLED by the millions
– Global INFERTILITY has now been unleashed – “Children of Men”
– Dr. Malone blasts total corruption of CDC
– HHS officials dumped stock in early 2020, they KNEW what was coming
– 95% of corpses received covid vaccination within last 2 weeks
– FDA quick to recall FOOD that hurts people, but never VACCINES that kill people
– UK cardiologist calls for pulling all vaccines off the market NOW
– Swiss government DESTROYS 9 million expired Moderna vaccines
– Huge scam to BUY them, then DESTROY them, while enriching Big Pharma
– Mississippi water levels so low, barge traffic reaches “disastrous” levels
– HUNDREDS of crimes found on Hunter Biden’s laptop, including money laundering and drugs
– Disel fuel inventories in the USA plummet to just 25 days
– British government plunged into total chaos as Liz Truss resigns, Tory party in collapse
– Electric vehicle owners shocked to learn about $20K battery replacement costs.

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