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Situation Update, Oct 12, 2021 – Planetary Crucifixion Will Lead To Humanity’s Resurrection & Unstoppable Awakening!! – Mike Adams Must Video

Everyone always had a choice to decline the injection. There is always a way, as the will to live will find a way. Those who were coerced were, are, and will be for the duration of what is left of their lives weak willed. This injection psy-op is a test of wills and intelligence. I only feel sorry for the children. The adults should have known better, should have done their research.

That being said, the majority of the injected adults are commie lib dems. America will be a much better country in their absence and with the fact that they’ll most likely be sterile if they do manage to survive. Not likely as they are brainwashed and will dutifully get every booster shot until they are dead. Brainwashed idiots.

Get ready for an America filled with patriotic and true Americans. Liberalism will pretty much be on life support with a near. endangered species level of available followers in the future. Thank you ADE

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