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Situation Update: NCSWIC, NESARA/GESARA Announcement! Military On Starlink! More Die From Jab Than CV!! Mandates For Everyone!! – We The People News

I am giving this until Thanksgiving … woke up 2 years ago, and can’t continue to talk this to death Anymore… If nothing goes down, or we are still reading a paper about Dams, Currencies, Vaxxx Deaths, Psycho politicians, arrests, & EBS… I’m Out. I will pack my Car, and head down to a beach town in Mexico! I’m USMC ret, and Refuse to live in tyranny, and under Communism. If asked, I’d fight now. But I refuse to Mask, (Never Have) I won’t distance, won’t Poison for privileges, and won’t play anymore games. If I need to come back—I guess I can just freely come through the border in Texas without any checks or hassle, right?

Thank you Mary. Can’t wait for these people to wake up. They must be Comatose if they don’t know what’s going on!

Sadly we won’t reach 80% of people being awake. I know from my own family that they would rather ignore things and just go along like everything is okay.

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